About Me?

I’ll probably retype this later and make it sound better, but in the interest of having something here in the meantime…

I by no means claim to be a professional astrologer. It’s a topic that I’ve had a recurring interest in for many, many years, but I only began to study it deeper this past year. I find it fascinating. My focus is on using it to understand people and relationships (I don’t deal with predicting the future). Additionally, I use what I suppose would be called a more holistic approach? Meaning, I don’t just go by Sun signs, neither in understanding a person’s psychology nor in investigating relationship compatibility, though Sun signs are obviously extremely important. Rather, I try to read together the multiple influences in the chart, first the Sun, Ascendant, and Moon, and then adding in the Mercury, Venus, and Mars, as well as aspects between them and the houses they fall in. It’s like looking through several pieces of different colored/textured glass or the swirling together of the many inks on a color wheel. You’re not just your Sun sign, no more than there are only 12 personalities of people. There are literally millions of combinations for how the planets fall in the different signs and houses. I shape and build a unique picture as I get the feel of each individual chart. And, to my continued delight, it actually works. Once you consider a person’s chart as a whole (instead of just looking at the Sun), it’s amazing how well the profile, now 3-D, actually fits the person. And, yes, within the pieces of the chart, there are often contradictions, but I have found that these, rather than indicating problems with the reading, actually reflect contradictions within the people themselves. Like I said, I find it fascinating.

I will begin here by mainly listing links to sites that I have found useful (and wish to have together where I myself can assess them quickly when away from my own computer). After that, I’m not sure, but I hope you find this blog in someway useful, even if only as a pointer to what other, far more experienced astrologers, have written.


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